Get Started!

You said “yes” to discovering your potential with Neighborhood Sun Services and you’re now in control of how many hours you work, your goals, building client relationships, and more!

Whichever direction you choose to take your business, below are the essential first steps every new Community Solar Advocate (CSA) should take for a successful start. After completing these steps, go ahead and start creating your own Community Solar Journey!



  • Validate your Business Glu Account & Download the Mobile App BG-Orientation-Thumbnail
  • Complete CSA Orientation in Business Glu
    • CSA Orientation Intro Video
    • How Community Solar Works
    • How Billing Works
    • How to enroll customers
    • Customer FAQ
    • Engage Prospects
    • Direct Deposit


Get Connected

  • Add to your address book to ensure that all Neighborhood Sun Services email communications end up in your inbox.
  • Join the PRIVATE Facebook Group- ask questions, get tips, meet other CSA's, and interact with the group!Facebook-Group-for-Members-only
  • Attend Lunch & Learn every Monday at 12:30pm
  • Check your email every Friday afternoon for the weekly CSA Newsletter
  • From Business Glu, visit each Market info page to get familiar with the various project details
  • Get familiar with Sales Tools within Business Glu, especially the project dashboard
  • Get familiar with the Admin Tools within Business Glu

Start Selling

  • Enroll your own home in a local community solar project from your personal website. Not only will you be able to practice a live enrollment, but you will receive the savings on your monthly bill AND earn commission just for signing up your own home!
  • Go through and complete the Get Started Right Workbook
  • Bookmark the Marketing Scripts page so that you can easily find the verbiage you need to talk about Community Solar
  • Talk to one new person about your business