Utility Advisor was created to help navigate the ever-changing world of utility expenses. Our comprehensive approach explores every possible angle to reduce all utility expenses including Electric, Natural Gas, Water & Sewer, Trash Removal and Telecom. Our thorough system covers the three pillars of utility expenses.

​Save Money. Save Time. No Risk.



70% of all companies have utility bill errors and are entitled to a refund.




Comprehensive pricing strategies to reduce utility rates without changing service providers.



Highly incentivized cash-flow positive ​energy efficiency and conservation projects that make sense.

No Upfront Fees​ = No Risk

We Get Results or our Service is Free

We work exclusively on a performance basis only.  If we're unable to uncover any refunds or savings than our service is FREE.

Keep 100% of
​your savings

Unlike other performance based utility consulting firms we never ask for a share in your future savings.  You keep it all.

Your Free Utility Cost Manager

​We will continually monitor your company's utility costs and needs to ensure nothing is overlooked at no cost to you.