People are suffering because of utilities.

They are expensive. They are dirty. They are a headache.


of families are living paycheck to paycheck.


people are behind on their energy bills, and prices keep surging.


of the US population lives in coastal communities that will be impacted by rising sea levels.

Yet too many are left feeling overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of available options to lower their energy costs. 

Decisions around reducing energy bills are often bogged down by:

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A Lack of Trust
Scandals and poor communication have led many to stop trusting utilities & energy providers.

A Lack of Clarity 
Most people are not given a pathway to reduce utility costs, so the actions they take are sporadic at best.

People are simultaneously drowning in information, yet confused about where to start.

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This is why we started Utility Advisor. 

Our mission is to help you navigate through the ever-changing world of utility expenses by maximizing your savings and minimizing your environmental impact.

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And check out some recent savings we've secured for organizations!

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Our Team has over 30 years of utility consulting experience.

Across the board, we care about one thing -- serving people. 

Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung

Chief Visionary Officer

With over 14 years of experience in the utility and energy industry, Kevin has worked directly for utility companies, energy management firms, energy suppliers, and utility subcontractors. From coordinating electric and gas distribution across state lines, to replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs in residential homes, Mr. Cheung understands the utility industry at every level and has established a team of trusted advisers that collectively represents sought after talent in the Mid-Atlantic Region. 

Crystal Robinson

Crystal Robinson

Operations Manager
Aldyn Stewart

Aldyn Stewart

Administrative Manager

What clients are saying:

  • A great theme, wonderful design and very easy to customize. Also, their support is incredible - every question got answered fast and with quality solutions. Very recommended!

    Jack Roy Digital Marketing Manager

  • The team at Utility Advisor was very helpful in guiding us through the process and finding the best solutions for our needs. Since our partnership, we have noticed a significant reduction in our energy costs.

    Donald James Advertising Coordinator

  • The service we received was top-notch and exceeded our expectations. They went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction and we will definitely work with them again in the future.

    Stephanie Lee Marketing Coordinator


Let us lower your utility bills for you.

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