Refund your overcharges. Buy clean energy cheaper.

Make your buildings more efficient.  

On average, commercial Utility Advisor customers save $42,000 per year, because of our utility cost saving measures.
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There is free money locked up in your energy bills and building systems.

But commercial utilities are a huge hassle. 

All the phone calls, the solicitations, the errors... the burden adds up fast.   

We handle all that all for you -- and it costs you nothing up front.

You don't pay anything until you save.  


Let us be your full service commercial utility team!

Here's how we help our customers save thousands each year:

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Step 1 - Review

On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses. 
We will take care of 100% of the work to refund you everything you're owed.

Review Your Rates & Usage 

Every commercial client receives a complimentary review of ALL their utility expenses. Based off of that, we may offer one of the following higher level evaluations.

Refund Recovery Audit
 In the state of Maryland we retroactively claim these overages and produce a refund from the last 3-4 years. This could mean thousands back as a refund and ongoing savings.

Common Errors We Find:

• Meter Read Errors
• Rate Errors
• Mathematical / Clerical Errors
• Misclassifications
• Missed Incentives
• Unclaimed Credits
• Duplicate Charges
• Overlap Billing

Once the changes have been implemented, we will issue you a credit for retroactive savings, and your bills will be lower moving forward. 

Bill Monitoring

We are able to continually monitor your bills to find anomalies, errors and overages. This is to ensure that any previously corrected issues don't come back up again or to detect usage issues should they arrive.

Think of it as our refund recovery service but we are continually monitoring your bills to make sure they are kept low.


If your city or county does not already require you to track and report your property's energy data with EPA Portfolio Manager®, it's a good bet that this requirement is on the way.

We can help you stay compliant and turn this requirement into actionable data that helps you better budget for costs and prioritize projects.

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Step 2 - Reprice

Next, we'll find and negotiate cheaper, cleaner energy for you. 

Brokering Lower Energy Prices

On average, we save companies $46,000 per year by brokering cheaper energy for you.  

We will take care of 100% of the work, and only get paid as a portion of your savings. 

Electricity & Natural Gas

Deregulation has created the opportunity for consumers to take control and reduce their utility costs by opening the industry to competition.

This has also caused a flurry of solicitation from multiple suppliers who don't always have your best interest at heart; leaving you confused and overwhelmed having to sort out all the offers yourself.

We have established relationships that gives us access to 87 reputable suppliers to ensure you're getting the lowest pricing available and to make your choice as easy as possible.

Commercial Solar

Once you've tuned up your building and are running as efficiently as possible, it may be time to consider a solar installation to offset your electricity usage in part or in full.

We have partnered with leading regional solar installers to get you what you need for an informed decision about your solar options. If you haven't looked at the numbers in a while, you may be pleasantly surprised!

We'll manage the RFP process, design the best possible system, and work with local contractors to get you the best price. 

Demand Response

Utilities are very interested in keeping the grid reliable and dependable, so much so, that they are willing give you free equipment and even pay, you just so they can curtail the energy usage when electric demand peaks.

You may qualify to receive:
• Free Wifi Enabled Smart Thermostats
• Free Backup Generators and Switches
• Free Environmental retrofits on existing generators
• $$$ or bill credits just to reduce usage on certain peak days
• Huge savings on your electric bill


Studies have shown over 80 percent of telecommunications bills contain errors.

That doesn't take into account those who are paying for redundant products or services, or aren't having their contract terms met.

We'll review your landline, long distance, toll-free, fax, Internet, wireless and managed print services to identify cost savings, increase efficiency and recover billing errors.

Our risk-free recommendations ensure you are receiving the best services at the best price. Our continued monitoring allows you to focus on your core business and the things that create your success.

Trash Removal

Cash in the trash! We will renegotiate your current agreement with multiple trash haulers with clear, simple agreements so there is no confusion or hidden fees.

Stop auto-renewals with unfavorable terms. Most contracts from a hauler automatically renew without action.

The contract's language dictates a 30-90 day window where one may cancel this auto-renewal. We ensure these criteria are tracked and avoid auto-renewal unless it on terms that benefit you.


Step 3 - Reduce

Last, we'll recommend energy efficiency measures that get you the best ROI.

How We Reduce Your Usage

Whether you choose to invest the money or not is up to you, but we want you to know exactly where your investment will go the farthest.

As usual, we take care of 100% of the work, and only get paid as a portion of your savings. 


Lighting upgrades are one of the smartest ways to make a permanent dent in rising electricity costs, and LEDs are distinguished by their bright, clean light and long life.

The best part -- incentives cover up to 80% of costs!


Identify low-cost, high-payback items, such as economizers and controls, that will extend the life of your HVAC systems while lowering your annual usage.

Incentives cover up to 75% of costs.

Water Studies

Shared Savings Water Conservation Program allows massive reduction on water bills without the massive upfront investment.

No-Cost Water Saturation Sensors to reduce water usage for Irrigation Systems.

Building Envelope

Air leaks and insulation deficiencies lead to comfort complaints, high bills, and problems with humidity and moisture control. Combat these issues with proper envelope sealing.

Incentives vary. 

We only get paid when you save

No Upfront Fees = No Risk

We work exclusively on a contingency basis only. If we're unable to uncover any refunds or credits, you owe us nothing.
Our fee is only paid after we have produced results for you. Unlike other similar bill auditing firms, we do not ask for a share in any future savings.
You keep 100% of all future savings.
Check out the recent refunds for companies who work with Utility Advisor!


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On average, we save companies $46,000 per year by brokering cheaper energy for you.  
We will take care of 100% of the work, and only get paid as a portion of your savings. 


Let us lower your utility bills for you.

There is free money locked in your utility bills. 

See how much you can save by working with Utility Advisor. 

You don't pay anything unless you save.

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