LED Lightbulb

Energy Efficiency

Many utility companies offer multiple energy efficiency programs.  We highly encourage all business to take advantage of these programs, however, there is a downside. 

​Dozens of these efficiency programs are separately awarded to different contractors, who each have the responsibility to market and inform the public about the program they have access to themselves. All these competing contractors soliciting different programs can easily cause confusion and misinformation to spread. Did that contractor tell you about the best program for you or just the one he was allowed to sell? And these programs constantly change and the awardees of these contracts change too. Who do you call? Who do you trust?

We have assembled a network of contractors to cover all available efficiency programs finding the right fit for your efficiency needs. We manage projects for LED Lighting, HVAC Upgrades, Building Envelope, Efficient Refrigeration, Smart Plugs and Plug Load Controls.

Water Conservation

Custom designed shared savings water conservation program allows massive reductions on water & sewer bills without a massive upfront investment.