Learning How to Earn Money with Community Solar is as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Watch the Utility Advisor team member opportunity video above.
  2. Fill out the form to the right indicating your interest in learning more about the Utility Advisor team.
  3. Gain access to even more details and trainings as an Utility Advisor. 

Earning money has never been simpler! Just let people know about a state-run program where they can now get all the benefits of solar, but with... 

  • No costs 
  • No panels
  • No cancellation fees
  • No switching suppliers
  • GUARANTEED savings of 10% - 30% of their electricity cost, directly on their utility bill, every month for 20 years!

Who are we looking for? 

Utility Advisor candidates should be highly motivated, hard working people who want to earn money, part-time or full-time, working from home, educating consumers about this program and helping them enroll online. (Candidates must be comfortable/proficient with learning and helping people with online enrollment processes).

The position is commission-based with Advisor's earning a healthy compensation for each enrollment. Hours are flexible and there is NO COLD CALLING involved.


No experience needed!

Some of our most successful Advisor's joined our team with no prior background or experience in sales and/or energy. But, they all came to us with a drive to succeed...

"I was already talking to my customers about home improvement projects, so it was easy for me to ask them if they'd considered solar. Now all I have to do is let them know there's a way for them to get solar with no panels, no cost, no switching suppliers and no cancellation fees."
Building Contractor
"After being laid-off for the second time I decided I should look to take my skills to a different industry. I did some research and learned that renewable energy was projected to be the next billion-dollar industry. I'm so excited about my new career!"
Government Contractor
"I was looking for a way to earn some money on a part-time basis, but I needed something that would be flexible with my busy schedule. Showing people how to save money and go solar was perfect!"
Business Development
"Everyone I talk to is blown away when they find out I really can get them solar energy even though they rent!"
College Student