Utility bills are stressful.

They're getting more expensive every month, and no one has the time to research the best ways to save. 

Let a Utility Advisor find you the best deals. 

We only get paid when you save.


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More money back for your family.  

More time back for you.

We're like your personal grocery shopper AND nutritionist, but for utility expenses. 

We'll help you make your home more energy efficient, 
and we'll buy you cleaner energy for a cheaper price.

The best part is -- you only pay with a portion of the savings!

On average, our residential customers save:


per year in utility expenses


on average on electric bills

20 barrels

per year of burned coal

We make utilities as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Here's how we help our customers save thousands each year:

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Review your bills for savings & refunds

First, we'll look at your bills and find the best ways to save money and earn refunds for errors and overcharges.

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Find and negotiate the best utility rates

Next, we'll find and negotiate the best rates for your gas, electric, telecom & more. Completely done for you. 

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Implement the best ways to reduce usage

Finally, we'll help you most effectively reduce your usage through lighting, HVAC, water & building efficiency. 

We charge you nothing up front, and only take a portion when you save money.

Ways we help you save:

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Utility Bill Autopilot

Bill AutoPilot is a software-powered bill savings and negotiation service that helps you save on EnergyInternet, Mobile Plans, Home Security & more!


Community Solar

Get all the environmental benefits of going solar AND lower your utility expenses -- ALL without the cost or hassle of installing solar panels.


Rooftop Solar Panels

Save money. Go energy independent. Take pride in building a green future. Take control of your energy production, and not only will you save, you'll profit.


Quick Home Energy Check

Schedule a Utility Advisor to assess and improve your home's energy use.

What clients are saying:

  • Extremely easy to work with and to set up. I love being able to use solar to produce energy while also getting credits to save money!

    Jeff C Maryland Solar Farm Subscriber

  • I am very proud that we get most of the electricity to run our house via solar energy. I would definitely recommend your company (and I have) because the transition to solar in this way has been very easy and seamless. 10 out of 10!

    John H NY Solar Farm Subscriber

  • I live in a townhouse where I was restricted to use solar panels. I am glad you have given me the opportunity to buy into solar energy!

    Jennifer H DC Solar Farm Subscriber


Let us lower your utility bills for you.

There is free money locked in your utility bills. 

See how much you can save by working with Utility Advisor. 

You don't pay anything unless you save.

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